All templates published on HTML5MO is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This means that you can use them for anything you like as long as you visibly credit us for the template somewhere on your site.

Note: If you really love the template, but hate the idea of showing a link on your site, contact us to work out a special licensing agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HTML5MO?

HTML5MO is a collection of free, Creative Commons-licensed, CSS3, HTML5, and responsive website templates, designed and built by Doni.

Are there any usage restrictions?

Besides giving us visible credit somewhere on the site, not really.

What framework do you use?

Our responsive stuff relies mostly on vanilla CSS, but we do use some features of Skel for convenience (eg. resets and breakpoint management). If you've never used it before, be sure to check out its documentation.

Why are these free?

Because I'm a generous guy! But seriously, most of these are the results of me trying to keep my skills sharp. It's a win win, you get free stuff and I get practice.

Can I remove your links?

Sure, just contact me and we'll work something out.


  • Skel - the framework used to build all of our templates.
  • Templated - another site where you can download some of my template designs.

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